How to make Europe sustainable by 2050?

The European Environment Agency explores transitions to reach environmental vision

The Environment Action Programme of the European Union is guided by the overall vision that “In 2050, we live well, within the planet’s ecological limits”. To help move towards this vision, the European Environment Agency (EEA) recently gathered a group of top-level experts and stakeholders to reflect on the kinds of transitions that may be needed. Participants came from a variety

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of fields, including business, research, civil society and different levels of government in Europe. In a series of three workshops, possible transitions were explored not just from a top-down perspective, but also illustrated by bottom-up examples.

The stakeholder discussions support the EEA and its partner organisations in fine-tuning the knowledge base that can inform such transition processes. Together with the EEA, Prospex co-designed and facilitated the stakeholder engagement process. The outcomes will, amongst others, feed into the upcoming EEA report ‘European Environment – State and Outlook 2015’, which is expected in early 2015.