Our team

Prospex is composed of a diverse and dynamic team of expert consultants and staff. Prospex consultants stand out with a combined practical, conceptual and academic background, speaking many languages and thriving on cultural diversity. The professional and cultural competencies of our international team drive the successful delivery of our key services. At Prospex, we work to help you engage your future. ©

The Prospex team and network include among others:

  • KatiaTieleman_185

    Dr. Katia Tieleman

    Dr. Katia Tieleman is Professor for Negotiation and Conflict Management at the Vlerick Leuven/Gent Management School....

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  • 2015_15_29_portraits_prospex_select_carre-3 2

    Dr. Marc Gramberger

    Dr. Marc Gramberger designs and facilitates corporate learning, stakeholder engagement and foresight processes. ...

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  • 2015_15_29_portraits_prospex_select_carre-9

    Martine Martens

    Martine Martens is a business coordinator and communication consultant at Prospex....

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  • 2015_15_29_portraits_prospex_select_carre 2

    Martin Watson

    Martin Watson designs and delivers multi-stakeholder and communication strategies for government, business and civil soc...

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  • 2015_15_29_portraits_prospex_select_carre-5 2

    Katharina Zellmer

    Katharina Zellmer is a consultant and researcher at Prospex. She combines a background in management, development cooper...

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  • 2014_12_02_prospex_haenen_stefan_JPEG-7

    Stefan Haenen

    Stefan Haenen is Prospex’ junior researcher. He is working on several projects, dealing with a variety of topics such ...

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  • 2015_15_29_portraits_prospex_select_carre-6

    Valérie Boiten

    Valérie Boiten is a junior consultant and researcher at Prospex. She works on EU-funded scientific research projects, w...

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  • MNitschmannPhoto copy

    Michelle Nitschmann

    Michelle Nitschmann is a junior international researcher and consultant at Prospex. Working on a variety of EU-funded ...

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  • 17842466_10155275293764479_1243738229_n

    Angelos Athanasopoulos

    Angelos Athanasopoulos is currently a trainee at Prospex as a Junior Consultant and Researcher. He has a background i...

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  • JillAdams_185

    Jill Adams

    Jill Adams is an international coach, facilitator and trainer focussing on developing stakeholder group, team and indivi...

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  • steven2

    Dr. Steven Libbrecht

    Dr. Steven Libbrecht is passionate about helping organisations develop on a path of sustainable growth. ...

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  • Diana Madill_185

    Diana Madill

    Diana Madill is a BBC journalist and a long-standing collaborator of Prospex....

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  • AdrianTaylor_185

    Adrian Taylor

    Adrian Taylor helps both public and private sector clients to use foresight methods to formulate robust policy and strat...

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  • PeterVandevyvere_185

    Dr. Peter Vandevyvere

    Peter Vandevyvere is a senior professional with hands-on industrial experience and more than 10 years of consulting expe...

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